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I am still in the process of updating this website but I am now getting close to getting on the road in my self-build motor caravan workshop for an upcoming wildlife photography project. I will create the products I manufacture and sell on this website as I travel and post them directly to you from wherever in the country I happen to be.

I have an unlimited Internet connection inside the motor caravan, so I can communicate with my customers at all times and process orders quickly. This will fund my project and provide an income. The high quality service I have always provided will remain.

I still have a few things to organise but I am now on the final leg of preparations, so please bear with me. This shop is fully functional, however, so if you want any of the products shown, I am ready to take your orders.

I will, of course, add more related products and services in the coming weeks and months, as I continue to develop the website further. In the meantime, if you need something that you think I might be able to help you with, and it isn't already available here, please feel free to ask.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL prices shown are inclusive of shipping to any mainland UK postal address. No additional costs are added at checkout. Please contact me prior to ordering if you live elsewhere.

I use PayPal to process your order - while this server is fully secure, I do not wish to store any sensitive banking information on this website, so no such information is requested here. For your security, payments are entirely handled by PayPal - I just need to know where to send the products you order. :-)

Please shop with confidence. I pride myself on providing good old-fashioned customer service at all times. I appreciate the continued support of my current customers, as well as those who purchase my products in future.


It has been brought to my attention that some customers trying to place an order in mainland UK, where shipping definitely IS available, have received this message: 'Sorry, we are not shipping to your region at this time'.

It doesn't happen often but if you receive such a message, please do get in touch. so that I can investigate further. I am quite confident that this error has been rectified, but I am leaving this note here in case it still is an issue.


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