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High quality t-shirts and hoodies have often been requested. This is something we now feel that we can offer. It sits well alongside the personalised products we already make, so we are getting set up RIGHT NOW to make this available.

This is particularly exciting for YouTube content creators wanting to sell or give away merchandise to their subscriber-base. Such items make excellent competition prizes and give-aways.

These are highly personalised items, of course, so we do have a few minor issues to iron out; namely locating a consistent supply and accurate sizing of quality garments at a price that allows us to offer them to our customers at a price that they are happy with.

We want our customers to feel that our garments are of high quality and that they are sized as ordered. If you buy clothing online, you will be well aware that one company's idea of XL, for example, is not always the same as another's.

We can't ever resell personalised items if they do not fit, so it is essential for us that we get this right. We simply are not large enough to absorb such losses.

Bear with us - we are working hard to get this set up. Thank you for your patience.

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