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Installing My Diesel Heater

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2kW Diesel Heater

I have this red 2kW version of the diesel heater. In my small van (LWB Ford Transit, medium roof), this is more than adequate in all conditions.

Details to follow...

Need a 5kW Diesel Heater?

If you have a larger vehicle, a 5kW version may be preferable. I wouldn't personally recommend installing a 5kW diesel heater if you only have a small space to heat because it will get far too hot and you will be forced to keep it set really low most of the time. This will lead to internal soot build-up, which means that you will need to clean it out every time you allow the soot to accumulate.

It is far better to occasionally run a 2kW diesel heater at a high level to burn off any soot than it is to have to cope with the incredible heat from a 5kW diesel heater because you had been running it low to keep the heat down...

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