Using Your Own Images - Requirements

When you purchase a product from Jon's Print Shop that requires images, we will contact you to acknowledge your order. You can then reply to that email and attach any images that you would like us to work with. You can also send any specific instructions that you have.

Image Resolution

It is important to note that we require the highest possible resolution images that you can provide. 300 DPI/PPI is requested. Anything of inferior quality cannot ever result in a high quality end product.

Image Size

We like to work with images that are at least twice the dimensions of the final product image. This results in a far better quality image. We can reduce a larger image to fit the project without affecting the image quality, but we cannot increase the size of an image that is too small for the project, without degrading the image.

Individual Images (Elements)

If you want your final product image to be comprised of several images that are combined, it is better to send these individual elements to us.


Please do not add text to any images that you send. You can tell us what you need, but we add text to an image after all image manipulation work has been completed. This allows us to add a text layer and still make any alterations to the image as required. If you add text to an image yourself and it's on the same layer as the rest of the image, we cannot change anything.

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